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abi word, version 3

AbiSource has taken their steps forward to launching a developmental version of AbiWord on the internet, which can be downloaded free. AbiWord is a word processing application that AbiWord has developed with high hopes of replacing all other word processors that exist in the market today. Their release will be AbiWord version 2.9.1 which is supposed to give a preview of the AbiWord version 3.0.

AbiWord’s first success came with the release of version 2.8, which was released in October 2009. The new version of the word processor supports full Unicode that is used in Windows with an even better localizing ability. It as better and stylish borders and shades to be used in paragraph. The best function that the new version allows is the EPUB function that allows users to create their own E-books very easily.

The new release will provide users to work on one document together at the same time; this feature is what AbiSource calls. The plug-in is fully compatible with the Telepathy collaboration service allowing the AbiWord documents to be used by many users simultaneously. The Version 2.9.1 also supports 64-bit Windows operating systems, though it cannot be installed on a 64-bit operating system its files can be opened in 64-bit. Alongside that, The Abiwords 64-bit version will possibly available with the AbiWord version 3.0.

The new AbiWord is the first public release since AbiWord 2.8. In addition, AbiSource is also hoping to improve the Mac OS version of AbiWord, there are still no versions of AbiWord available for Mac OS but Abiword website gives full details of the Mac version.

AbiWord is available for the Linux OS, and all the OS of windows that were released after the release of Windows 2000. The new version is an Unstable according to the developers and they are recommending that version 2.8.6 should be downloaded for stable use. AbiWord’s developers are planning to replace all other types of word processors with the release of version 3.0.

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