The Kiwi Application Monitor – Monitors All RAM Hogs

Kiwi Application Monitor 1.2.0

Kiwi Application Monitor 1.2.0

Amongst all the utilities that computer users can use for tweaking their computer’s performance, is the windows tweaking tool Kiwi Application Monitor. The software is currently available in version 1.4.6.

The Kiwi Application Monitor monitors all the processes that are running on the RAM and CPU clockspeed. Users can use this software to make their computers run with more speed and detect the processes that require preparations. The software is a little like the Task Manager that comes with Windows but has a few more features that make it more usable. The software has other features as well.

Firstly, the software has the advantage of a very colorful and easy-to-use interface. Then, the software can detect the specific programs that take up the most memory and clockspeed. The software keeps track of selected applications that the user chooses. It can show the demand of memory and clockspeed for a process over a time and also show when the process takes the most resources. This is why it received a name as an application monitor. The software is very useful for knowing the memory hogs. In addition, the software contains features like those of a Startup Manager. Users may also edit the startup processes with the help of this application. Amongst the things that make the program very attention-worthy are the things like the DLL monitor and the feature of limiting memory hogs. The DLL monitor shows the DLLs that a program is using. The resource limiter is for limiting the amount up to which a process may use resources from the CPU.

Computer users have complains, mostly on the fact that their computers get slow with time. Actually, these memory hogs take up too much CPU resource, and to limit memory hogs a user need a tweaking tool like this program. The more applications that a users installs on his or her system the more memory hogs he or she will have. At some point a tweaking tools becomes a necessity.

Most Windows operating systems support the software. However, the software does not have support for Mac and Linux operating systems.

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