AVG LiveKive Is The Perfect Back Up Software

AVG LiveKive is now available for you. It is backup software that rides on the credentials of AVG Company that is know for the best antivirus software.

The AVG LIveKive is a back up software that does not rely on hard drive partition. It is able to store files online making you enjoy numerous benefits. The use of remote storage has always been challenging too many users. The LiveKive comes in hand to make everything simple because you will never run out of space. It works the same way as the hard drive. The opportunities are great giving you the chance to remotely access your files. This becomes possible even for files that have been backed up from different machines.

You must strive to choose back up software that is readily available. This is what LiveKive is all about. It is the reason you need the LiveKive because it is instantly available. You no longer have to hustle with complicated configuration screens. You can easily access the software setup making everything as simple as possible. LiveKive is appropriate for backing up videos and music files that have been stored in different key locations. You will be in a position to effectively control what you have backed up. This is enabled by the inclusion of an advanced mode in the LiveKive. Furthermore, you can make your files to be uploaded to your online storage space. The only thing you need to do is to create a back up schedule. As a back up utility, there are also many additional tricks in the LiveKive. For instance, you are able to perform data harmonization. It gives you the golden chance to back up files that you have stored in multiple computers. You can also share files with your colleagues as long as they are online. It saves you the agony of having to avoid attaching large files that are barred by limitations.

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