VIPRE Internet Security 2012-The Lightweight Internet Protection

Internet security is very paramount. This is the reason why GFI software has release VIPRE antivirus that is able to protect your PC fully. This comes alongside the release of VIPRE internet security 2012.

The VIPRE internet security 2012 comes with all the features that are helpful and essential for a security suite. They are even enhanced and reloaded for a better performance. The firewall is simply intelligent and up to the task. There is the use of white listing that works efficiently to reduce the number of alerts. This is very applicable especially for known safe applications. All the POP3 clients are now safe no matter the internet they use. The VIPRE internet security 2012 consists of the spam filter that works efficiently at the protocol level. You are free to browse knowing that you are well protected from malicious downloads websites and dangerous downloads.

Both the anti virus and the internet security from GFI are simply amazing. You no longer need the use of parental controls or online backups. Both the two programs do not require sandboxing for them to deliver good results. The presence of the secure file eraser serves as a buns feature to enhance the internet protection. It has the ability and capacity to delete confidential files making the recovery process almost impossible. The history cleaner is another feature that will make put the VIPRE internet security 2012 as the ultimate internet protection. It is able to clear your tracks in windows. Both the two products are advantageous to you because they are lightweight. This makes it easy for you to scan your system and display the programs interface. You need good protection for your internet. Ideal one should be able to work perfectly without slowing the internet. This is what you will find in VIPRE antivirus and internet security 2012 version. Both the trial versions are readily available now.

Download GFI – VIPRE Internet Security 2012 here!

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