It Is Now Possible To Know Your County History And Location Using Rootsmagic 5

RootsMagic 5

There is now a new version of the RootsMagic 5 that has excellent features. It is not only able to support media tagging but also act as a research manager and a timeline view.

The full version of the RootsMagic 5 is simply unmatchable owing to the great features it comes with. Nonetheless, the good features are enjoyable only if you use the full version. This means if you have other versions of the RootsMagic 5, you will not enjoy the features. Thou shall not despair now. You can still unblock it and have the chance to enjoy the features on other versions. This is possible if you purchase a registration code that will help you to do the unblocking. The timeline view feature is what you do not want to miss. It permits the viewing of individual lives in the context of their family members. If you want to know if state and counties were in existence in the past years, you can make use of the County Check feature of the RootsMagic 5. In this way, you will be able to establish the geographical boundaries of these states and counties. This is a good way to establish if your ancestors existed and where they lived.

There are too many functions to perform when using RootsMagic 5. For instance, you can tag a single photo or document that has many people and families in different places. This is a good feature that you can call media tagging. The database management tool is good if you want to test the integrity research files using the RootsMagic 5.This is a good feature that will also give you the chance to strip out deleted files. As a result, you will be able to compress the files and make them the size you want. You can now download this program free of charge as long as your computer is running windows 200 and above.

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