Managing Day to Day Basics With The New Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop, mail processor

Zimbra Desktop

Managing day to day activities is now easy with personal and work email accounts thanks to Zimbra Desktop. You can now monitor even your twitter and facebook account, task lists, calendars, among others that you wish to keep a close watch on.

Zimbra desktop integrates all useful interfaces that you use on daily basis into one application. As such, if you are one person who do not like the idea of navigating from one interface to another, this program is here to help you. It lets you connect to yahoo, Gmail, IMAP/POP3 accounts and Hotmail. It is simply the best application ever as it downloads email messages from your webmail accounts making them easily accessible to you. This program lets you access your email messages even when you are offline with the ordinary functionality of the basic email. This implies that you can compose and even send emails from accounts. You will also be able to create more folders and even tags with this folder. Basically, this program lets you organize and manage your email messages in an easy way. You will be able to create filters that will automatically send your emails to your chosen folder. Even maintaining address book that will contain all contacts of your clients will be easy with this program.

In addition to all these important features, Zimbra Desktop has crucial functionality for social networking. It comes with few crucial links that lets you view top tweets, current digg articles, among others. This lets you run customizable twitter searches on your own. You will also be able to connect with your friends by viewing latest updates of your twitter and face book accounts. This program is simply the best for any one who want to live an organized life. It also has a calendar that lets you schedule meetings, events and appointments with ease. Exhausting all features of Zimbra Desktop is not easy as it has integration of important services and features that come with this package. Just try it today and see how it help you manage your daily life activities.

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