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Opera 11.61, internet browser

Opera 11.61

Those who have had a go at the Opera Mini browser will agree that it has more than a few faults. A newer, better version that is supposed to fix the previous Opera faults has been released. The Opera 11.61. is now available with better features.

This latest edition has been equipped with more security enhancements. This means that you can now browse with one site interfering with another site. The common problem of a privacy problem appearing at the wrong site is also long gone. This is what generally happens in the other versions of Opera. The new Opera 11.61 can update itself automatically. This is very efficient for those who don’t have the time to do it by themselves manually. The choice of manual update is also available for those who desire it. To install it manually, you have to use the Help Menu. It is however not a complex process. The version also has more tweaks than the previous versions. These tweaks aid the performance of your computer and make it run smoothly. The tweaks can also fix problematic issues like creation of wrong icons and such like. They can also improve full screen view on Windows XP. The previous versions of Opera had a lot of issues connecting with certain sites. The new version however does not have this disadvantage. It can access PayPal without a problem unlike before.

The Opera 11.61 is a must have. It makes browsing a much easy activity. It also has good and adequate security enhancements. You may have noticed that in the previous versions of Opera, the captcha is hard to refresh. With this latest version, this is but a problem of the past. The captcha image will refresh when you refresh the page. For more information about the Opera 11.61 you can visit the Opera review page.

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