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Game Manager 3.0, organizer, updater, downloader

Game Manager 3.0

Managing, organizing and even updating your favorite game is now easy with Game manager 3.0. This innovative program lets you have every thing you want from information about your favorite game, ratings to cover art, among others.

Game manager is an important option for people who find game explorer not enough for them. It also has a database of all games that you can easily organize to look the way that you want. You also get freedom of viewing your favorite games in different ways. You can do all this through a full screen media center interface. This has a lot of extra functionality that make it easier and fun to use. This Game Manager downloads have a box art on both back and front. For example, you can just right click using the mouse or even toggle in between or click to get a bigger view of details. For those who use Alcohol 120 or Deamon tools percent in managing images of the game discs, then they will greatly appreciate the ability of Game Manager to mount them before any game start running. It does this automatically and removes them once you are done. It also displays the games you have in different ways.  You just take a screen grabs when playing. You can also continue downloading and installing the game official patches.

This program looks great. It lets you locate the games you have installed in an innovative way. Game Manager also offer answers to most things you may want to know about your games. It is easy to use and it works reasonably well once you have imported it and known how to browse in your database. This makes game manager a great choice for people who keep a large collection of games. It lets you manage these games without spending much of their time trying to figure out how each game works.

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