New Major Improvements In The Screenshot Captor 3

Screenshot Captor 3

It has been quite a task to capture your desktop contents the way you would like right? The Screenshot Captor is now here make this much simpler.

The Screenshot Captor has been for Windows PC’s. The program adds three main features to the screen captor. These are the splicing effects, the scrolling screen capture functions and the various watermark functions. It can automatically upload an image hosting service and will support potential Windows 7 features. The program can be found as a separate portable version if you so wish. Not forgetting that it has a super scrolling capture system which has been said to be the best in the market yet. The program allows users to capture images that are rather large to display like for example lengthy documents. On the matter of splice effects, it has added new ones that even include a ragged edge that can be achieved through cropping. It has also included a watermarking menu and options that are simple to use. You can now also stamp ownership on screen captures to ensure that no one else uses them.



The list of the features that this captor has is endless. Its full set of scanner acquisition and image collecting tools also makes it really useful. It is also able to upload various online image rooting services like Flickr and Imageshack. Apart from this, the program has new options for saving modified screenshots. You are also able to rename the file unlike before. The Installation package has also been improved. The previous versions were zip files while the Screenshot Captor 3 now uses a standard setup file.

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