Try The Boxcryptor 1.2 For Storing Files



Every once in a while, you may want to encrypt or decrypt a file. The Boxcryptor has been released for this purpose.

The Boxcryptor is an encryption tool that is used for cloud based back up services. It’s designed for those who want to encrypt their data locally before uploading it to services like Dropbox. It is in the dropbox that the encryption is remotely handled. This adds an extra service of privacy and security to your files. It can also hold any amount of encrypted files to those using the paid version. This version costs about 39.99 USD or personal use and for business use it is 99.99 USD. It also has a new advanced mode for the more experienced users which also works with a wizard to create a much easier way of working for the new users. There is also multiple file support by the Boxcryptor and this allows the user to create multiple drive mappings and separate folders.

Another desirable feature is its convenient location for advanced functions. It can even mount and unmount drives for your encryptor. It might seem like a complex process for beginners but it is not. If you are a beginner you will most definitely also benefit from this Boxcryptor. It has a simple wizard that will guide you clearly through the process of encryption.

An advantage of this program is that it delivers improved performance to your system. This is in relation to folders containing a lot of information. It has found market in those people who like using cloud based back up services like dropbox. This is because in dropbox the encryption keys are in a remote server while this is not the case in the Boxcryptor. This increases levels of security for your information. There are also versions available for android and iOS.

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