A different experience with the Ad-Aware 10

Ad-Aware Pro SecurityWe have tried this new Ad-Aware 10 and there is no doubt that it is the best. This is because it is a lighter application compared to the previous versions. The security features are simply amazing. It is software we would not hesitate to recommend to other users.

The amazing features of the Ad-Aware:

  • As a user, you will not be slowed down by the software. This is one of the new features we have discovered in the software. It delivers nothing but sheer protection for your PC. The improvements made to it are amazingly beneficial. In our opinion, it is an effort from a brilliant and strategic mind.
  • In all likelihood, it is software that has the ability and capacity to offer security application for all computer users. The CPU cycles needed are much minimal. This is a new adventure and experience that is different from the earlier versions we have tried. We have benefited from it as a scan mode and also a reliable way of protection.

Even more significantly, the UI is one area that has received tremendous changes. It is to the advantage of the customer. The metamorphosis of the UI makes the software better in terms of performance. The UI has simply gone through significant overhaul.

The following are the various changes which we have found in the UI:

  • The default settings of the fire and forget program are different. We have been able to enjoy more options. Even as beginners and new users, it has been easy for us to use this software.
  • Having keenly observed the UI for the last few days, it is evident to note that the speed is remarkable. Yet at the core of all aspects, it is light. This is our main reason for choosing this software.
  • Lest we forget, the software is equipped with good controls similar to the openers you find in the Smartphone applications. As a result, navigation is quite easy.  There is no need for experience.

The cost has also been catered for. As new users, we have been able to establish that the software has a free version. Fortunately, the free version also comes with amazing features that you can only find in the paid versions.

The features of the free versions:

  • There is maximum protection of files. This is because of the download protection that is able to prevent files from a possible transfer to the disk.
  • It is imperative to note that the free versions also come with sandboxing feature. In addition, we have also been able to remove all the nag screens.
  • It has the ability to block and remove malware.

The latest premium versions

For the avoidance of doubt, the Ad-Aware is good and helpful. We have discovered that it is able to give updates and new features automatically. We no longer have to wait for the yearly upgrades that put users out of information for a long time. This new software is all about improvements and new features.

The personal security version is better. It is a form of antivirus for the modern users. In our opinion, it is the best web filter we have ever used.   We have also tried the Ad-Aware pro security version. For one, its price per year is relatively low. It gives the best USB protection. The Ad-Aware is software we would like other users to try and experience the difference.

Download Ad-Aware 10

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