Installing Windows 7 To A Touch Enabled Monitor

Windows 7 Multi Touch Enabled Monitor

Windows 8 is the new windows software that has left the techno-world spinning. It is now available with exciting features. The most exciting part is that you can install it even in your Windows 7 PC!

Windows 8 is a different kind of software as it uses the touch system. Other Windows software like XP and Vista use the mouse system. However, you can install the Windows 8 into any computer that accepts Windows 7. It is not s hard process. Firstly, you have to ensure that you have the latest hard drives installed into your PC. This is because the Windows 8 really works on the hard drives. Even when the computer is on stand-by, the hard drive will still be running. It therefore requires that you have a good and strong hard drive. If your hard drive is weak, ensure to change it before installing the Windows 8. If the hard drive is compatible with Windows 7, then it will also work with Windows 8. After this, you will need to purchase a multi-touch enabled monitor. You should install the Windows 7 to the touch enabled monitor. This will give you a feel of how the touch system works on the computer. You can also download a Touch Pack for Windows 7 for free from Microsoft. This pack includes the Microsoft Surface Collage and Microsoft Surface Globe.

Using the touch system for your Windows 7 will prepare you for the use of the Windows 8 software. It will also be an interesting and exciting experience for most people who are used to the previous versions of Windows. It is now possible purchase the touch enabled monitor via the internet in many websites. The well known websites that offer this monitor include and

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