Appcompactor – The Latest Flash Drive’s Aid


Does it take forever for your files to load while using your flash drive? Well, this happens to most of people. That is why the AppCompactor is now here as a huge relieve to the technology world.

AppCompactor is software that compresses executable files in your flash drive. This means that your files will be reduced by almost half the weight. Being lighter the file, will load faster. Flash drives tend to read and type at a much slower rate than normal. The AppCompactor will solve this problem for you. It is much easier to use this software to compress your files. This is as compared to buying extra performance software for your flash drive. It is important to create a good environment in our flash drives. They are essential to have files, programs, our favorite browser and such. This enables you to use the flash drive in different computers and still be comfortable. The AppCompactor is also easy to use. By pointing the program at the folders of interest, you have already initiated the process. After this, choose the compression method. You will then get a report on the space recovered after the compression process. This application is however not 100% perfect. At times it might fail to work as expected. You should therefore back up all the executable files in the flash drive, elsewhere. However, despite this, having the AppCompactor application is recommended. This is because it is able to give a virus alert as malware designers also use the same package to avoid anti-viruses.

It is important to have the AppCompactor in order to save time. Apart from the disadvantaged mentioned above, the AppCompactor delivers what it is supposed to deliver. It will quickly compress your files and make them lighter. Big companies like Portable Applications also use the application to compress large files.

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