The New Password Catcher Has Been Released And Is Better


The latest version of the password catcher LastPass is the LastPass1.90.1. It has now been released in the market with more satisfying features. Lastpass is a multi-browser plug-in that allows the user to save passwords used to login into the various accounts while using the web. The new version has an additional feature which is ability to save passwords used in logging in into WIFI networks.

The main advantage using LastPass is the possibility of you, the user, of using strong and unique passwords without the fear of forgetting them in later logins. This means you can rest assured that information stored in various login accounts is secure and safe from prying eyes. Capturing passwords used in logging into WIFI networks is really simple. First and foremost your WIFI connection needs to be turned on. The next step involves opening your browser. It’s of little consequence what browser you are using.  LastPass works well with most browsers. The next step involves running the LastPass application which might involve logging in if it’s enabled. Next click on the tools tab and the import from option appears. At this point select the WIFI passwords option. You should note however that for Google Chrome one selects the ‘other’ option. When you have reached this step Lastpass generates the passkey and connection type for all the WIFI connections on your computer.

It’s important to mention that you need to uninstall the previous version of LastPass before installing the new version; otherwise the ‘import from’ option will not be visible in the tools tab. Something else to note is that Lastpass uses HSTS support which means that Internet Explorer has to use a secure HTTPS connection when accessing user data on Lastpass .com. A history link on the site allows users to view previously used passwords for the site. Lastpass has the great advantage of being compatible with all three major operating system platforms be it windows, Mac or Linux. It also works with most of the internet browsers which includes Internet Explorer, Safari, Google’s chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera. LastPass is the ideal software to have especially with the numerous accounts one needs to have to effectively use the net at the safe time keeping private information confidential.

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