The New Gopayment Mobile Credit Card Swiper From Intuit

GoPayment Card Reader

The launch of the redesigned GoPayment Card Reader from Intuit has been launched with better features that are effective. It is a more robust toll that the ones of Square.

Few people would doubt that the developing of financial software and services is big business.  No where else is this more evident than in mobile phone based payment systems. Most of these systems   are based on Smartphones and tablets. These tend to have the processing power needed to handle the software component as well as the ability to integrate with the peripheral hardware available. Some of the players in the mobile payment systems market include Square, GoPayment, ProPay Jak, Payfirma, VeriFone PAYware mobile and ROAMpay. These are just some of the better known contenders. New players are finding their way into the market everyday. Square emerged into the market with a Smartphone based debit/credit card peripheral in 2010. Most of the other contenders soon followed. Square can thus be viewed as the market reader but this could soon change.

The new peripheral from Intuit is more robust than Square’s, has an angled and longer swipe channel and also features a silicone sleeve at the connection with the audio jack. The longer and angled swipe channel allows the accurate reading of card information with one swipe. This is a problem with other peripherals where the card has to be swiped more than once before the correct information is read. The silicone sleeve prevents the peripheral from spinning in the audio jack when it’s being used. This is yet another problem with other peripherals that Intuit has solved. The other obvious advantage of the GoPayment Card Reader over Square is the ability to have card transaction available to Intuit’s QuickBooks financial software. This makes it possible easily keep track of all debit and credit transactions. Despite the advantages in the GoPayment Card Reader over Square’s, one thing is standard: All transactions incur a 2.7 percent fee. This is one aspect of mobile payment that might not be changing soon.


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