The Wise Folder Hidee Application Is Now Available

Wise Hide Folder

Wise Folder Hider

There are those time that you need to hide some things from other users of the computer. You might create password and guest users for those you do not want to see the files or data. The release of the Wise Folder Hider application comes as a simple way of doing this.

The issue of keeping your things private in the computer has been addressed for very many years. No one wants other people to rummage through their data in the computer. This does not mean that there is something bad they are hiding. It could be that you want to hide very important documents from prying eyes. This is really understandable. So what is the best way to do this? You might wonder. There is software that you can use to achieve privacy of your files. One of them is the Wise Folder Hider Beta. This is software that you can store all the files that you do not need other people to see in and they will be invincible. It is very simple to use.  You can also select to hide many documents or just one document. It can work with both. For further security, you can choose to create a password for the folder. This will further make your documents safe. The biggest advantage this program has is that even if you are tree or more users and want to all hide your documents separately, it can hide them for all of you. Not one will be able to see the hidden files of the other. This means that many users can use it. It can also be used to hide USB drives even if they are still connected to the computer. This will make it impossible for anyone to try and read the data you have in your USB drives. These are just but a few of the benefits of this program.

The Wise Folder Hider Beta is free. You can download it at any time that you want but the sooner the better. You will realize what you had been missing once you install this program. It being a beta, we are hoping that it will be greatly improved to serve its purpose even better.

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