Use The Innovative HP SwfScan to Decompile Flash Files


Decompiling SWF applet files and even analyzing them for any security vulnerability is now easy with HP SwfScan. This innovative program has been produced by the HP group for Web security Apps development.

If you pay a visit to download pages of HP, you will get important drivers, usual software for installation and manuals that you can expect a company with a large number of products to offer. HP SwfScan is one of the programs that you will find in this page when you take a closer look. It is one of the most interesting freebies produced by this company. This program is friendly to the user. You just give it a path or URL of your local file. Then click on the Get option and within a short while, browsing for the code of the applet will be easy. It has a tool that make searching for these files easy. This is because it has a support for regular expression. This helps you in locating important details that you need. In case you need to examine this file from another place, this program lets you export this source in form of a text tile to another place.

With SwfScan, you will also be able to scan codes of the file for a number of security issues. All you need is to just click on the Analyze option. This will allow you to check a list of vulnerabilities and find out what is likely to turn up. However, you need to know that this program does just basic analysis which implies that you may not be safe. This is because there can be other things that you miss. Nevertheless, this is better than when you do not do any checking of the codes. HP SwfScan is an important extra touch for you especially if you do not have any flash decompiler.

Download HP SWFScan

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