Use The Innovative ISO ToolKit to Mount Disc Images

ISO Toolkit 1

It is now possible to burn images easily to your disc with ISO Toolkit. This program has all features that you need to have your images on the disc with ease.

In the past, people have known ISO images as the most common means for software distribution. However, Windows has introduced this tool and it comes with handling features of ISO that you mat need. If you are one of those people who like working with disc images then you need to download ISO Toolkit.  It supports five of the main functions. These include creating ISO images from the structure of the folders you have on the hard drive. It can also copy a DVD or CD to the ISO image. Converting of images from and to NRG, ISO and CUE/BIN formats is also easy with this program. It also lets you mount images to virtual drive using two BIN/CUE, or ISO, NRG images. This makes it possible to access them without having to burn them on a disc. Although this program does not have a support feature for burning images on a disc, it offers a list for portable and small tool. It also has extra touches that are useful when creating images. For instance, you can easily use a system with six files to come up with a final image and it will be bootable. Presenting each function is also easy by just clicking on the necessary tabs. You only need to specify the relevant folder, drive or image. Once you do that ISO ToolKit will do the rest.

ISO Toolkit is an innovative program for those interested in disc image mounting. Using it is easy and it is portable compact and likable program for many users. It has made mounting of disc images easy and fun for the users.

Download ISO Toolkit

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