Your Browser And Windows History Is Now Possible In Just One Click

History Viewer

The entire world is now happy with the release of the History Viewer. It the perfect program if you want to establish the browsing history of your PC.

There are a number of reasons you might want to keep track of your browser’s history.  You could simply want to know which sites your kids are visiting. It’s definitely wise to keep your kids from those porn sites of which there are millions. Apart from porn sites, others sites that might be harmful include some dubious social networking sites. This is where perverts hang out. It would be wise to keep your kids from these sites too. Another reason could be you want just to make sure that the PC at work is being used for exactly that: work and not for social networking or running a business from. If   your needs fall in two this two categories, then History viewer is what you need to keep track of activity on your machine.

History viewer is a program very easy to use. You simply launch the program and at just one click it will provide you with the browsing history on your machine depending on your preference. It might be history for the past week, past two days or even within the last hour. The program provides easy access to the histories for Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Internet Explorer. The program also itemizes the histories for Windows which includes recently opened documents, recent searches, the programs most used, folders most accessed and so forth. The program has the option of saving this information as a HTML report.  This is useful when you want to what has changed within a period of time. However History viewer can be said to offer a basic report of internet and windows histories. For a real forensic report one could go for specialized software like OSForensics. One thing though this software is not free. Thus the greatest upside to History Viewer is that its free and effective, a definite must have.

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