Upgrade And Install PCanywhere Again For Use


The Symantec they told their users a week ago to disable all the pcAnywhere for upgrades they have again said to their user that the remote software is now ready for use, with some precautions to be considered. They said that the first option to take is to upgrade the software with version 12.5 which was fully updated and it is latest in the market.

To plug the hole there was critical patch software which was used. There was a statement posted on the website of Symantec which stated that it had patched all their versions of the software back to 12.0. There is a patch released on the 25 January which was followed by a 27 January 12.1 versions was released. The Symantec they recommended to all their customers they should upgrade their 12.5 version pcAnywhere into their computer by installing the software. They have given the order of upgrading to the users and the orders are stated on their website where they have said that to the users those who are unable to upgrade their computers with the new software. They should get the guidance of installation from the site for more information.

The latest version that is 12.5 is designed with a lot of security detection in it and it improves the detection of harmful sites in the internet.  Upgrading your computer enhances the use of secure computer with security to the internet.  Reports of Reuters state that Symantec will offer those versions of pcAnywhere prior to 12.5. They are going to set free upgrades to all the users of that software without matter of whether they have passed with support in the market or not. The Symantec they have not specified how they are going to proceed with the upgrade of their software process.

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