Symantec Launches Norton Identify Safe As Standalone Beta App

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe

On Tuesday Symantec had launched Norton Identity Safe. Norton identity safe is software which is used in mobiles and computers to prevent the user from login into the harmful websites in the internet. The software is free password management application software in the computer and mobile.

Norton internet security and Norton 360 is where the feature Norton internet safe was built from. It has now been improvised for the first time in the standalone application. This software Norton identity safe is designed for the users to enhance the safety in the internet and prevent the user from harmful site by helping the user to manage their password and logins applications and services. The software has improved features like security more other developing designs of the software. Security is a major issue in support of the users of mobile and computers. The Norton security safe it is also important since it alerts the user about the harmful websites which are like to retrieve the user’s information from the computer. There is hacking, unauthorized access of your computer and even viruses from the internet. When the software is installed in the computer the user only needs to remember the master password the computer will launch the stored services and they are able to continue from where they stopped. The software makes it safe and secure from unauthorized users to your saved services in the mobile or computer.

The Norton safe web protection is also part of the Norton safe identity. It monitors the harmful site which the user is likely to open without the idea of harmful attack it enhances security which is prevents the viruses from getting into your computer. When you need constant updates to your computer you need to install the Norton free reputation tool and it also prevents URL sites which are unsafe.

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