Novabackup 13-The Best Backup Programs



If you have used the computer before and lost data due to whatever reason, you probably understand the importance of backing up your data. NovaBACKUP 13 has now been released as one of the best ways to back up data.

There are very many ways of backing up your data. There are external drives that you can use to save and store your data. These include CD’s and other related hard drives. There are also websites that will act as your backup plan if you subscribe to them. The choice is yours. All in all you should have a plan of saving or rather backing up your information. The problem with the CD plan is that the CD can break and this will be the end of the things that you have stored in there. The problem with the online backup is that people can hack into the websites server and get all your information. NovaBACKUP 13 is one of the best ways to go with data backup. It is also well enhanced with the ability for disaster recovery. It can also support the image format. The program is Windows based and do as long as you are using Windows or the PC you are capable of using this program. It is available in three versions the first on is the Professional version which basically works on all the Windows and is used by everyday computer users. The second version is the Server version. This is only compatible with Windows 2011/2008/2003. The third is the Server and Business Essentials. This is the most expensive among the three. It is compatible with Microsoft SQL 2012, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 among a few other selected Microsoft programs.

The NovaBACKUP program is a product of NovaStar. It is indeed a useful program to have and will secure all your data. You will therefore sleep much easier after you have installed this program.

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