The Release Of The Sophos Anti-Virus Comes As Good News To Computer Users

Sophos Anti Virus

Sophos Anti Virus

The importance of the anti-virus is well known. Viruses are malicious software that damages the computer system. They do not just damage the system; they can also steal your information. There are many anti-viruses made for the purposes of curbing the virus issue, Sophos now comes in handy to help curb this menace.

The damage that can be done by a virus should not be under-estimated. Getting a good anti-virus seems like one of the easiest jobs around. You might however encounter a problem when you Google the best anti-virus and a million different anti-virus websites pop up. So how will you know which is the best? The best way of doing this is by reading reviews that will guide you on which anti-virus is best. The Sophos Anti-virus, works just as other anti-viruses. It is therefore and foremost a good anti-virus. It can be downloaded by just anybody although in the previous years it was restricted to only a few people. It is also easy to use as it does have an on demand full scan. One of the things that most users will find disappointing is the fact that it does not have the real time option. Most anti-viruses do and so this is a setback for this kind of anti-virus. You will also notice that scanning will be a little bit slow and that the interface does not give that much feedback. To the professional computer users this problem of the interface might be a disadvantage as they would like to know exactly what the anti-virus is doing to protect their computer. However this anti-virus does not have this option. It will only indentify a threat and clean the computer. It will not even tell you where the threat was found, when it got in to the computer and what its name is. This is something that some people love to know so that they can take measures not to get the virus again.

If you are interested you can download the Sophos Anti-virus from the internet for free. As stated, one of its upsides is that it is very easy to use and definitely, it is free. You can therefore experiment with t and see how it takes to your system.

Download Sophos Anti-Virus

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