TweakNow HD Analyser Is Now Available To Help You Free Up Space



Freeing up space from your hard drive by manually deleting stuff can be quite a daunting task especially if you have one a terabyte hard disk. Well here is a valuable piece of software that promises to make this task as easy as pie. It’s the TweakNow HD-Analyzer.

There is nothing as irritating as having that dialogue box appearing on your screen telling you that you are running of space. You would then wonder how your hard drive filled up. It becomes quite problematic deleting stuff from your hard drive because every other file seems quite necessary. TweakNow HD-Analyzer helps you to sort out files and folders in terms of size. Once this is done it would then be possible to delete those files and folders that are no longer of use to you. It you have qualms about deleting certain files and folders you can move these items to an alternative location such as onto portable media. Information on file size is displayed as a list with the in-descending of largest files at the top. A bar graph system is also used to give a visual representation of file size. In just a matter of minutes, it is possible to run an analysis of the content on your hard drive and have the information accessible.

Apart from the analysis, there is not much else that TweakNow HD-Analyzer does. It’s just a simple tool that helps to track down huge folders and files.  However the program does offer a few additional features. It’s possible to specify the file types to be highlighted. For instance you can specify to have audio and video files highlighted if your aim is to deal with these files first. The program can be downloaded from the review page of the TweakNow HD-Analyzer. The program is 100% free.

Download TweakNow HD-Analyzer


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