The Release Of “TellWhenDone” Program



The release of TellWhenDone has now ushered unprecedented era. It has been launched as a small portable program that promises to keep you up to date on all the tasks being performed on your machine.

When carrying out certain tasks it becomes necessary to monitor their progress. This can become quit tedious especially if you are multitasking and where the completion of one task simply means beginning the next. For instance you could be converting videos from one format to another will the goal of eventually burning the videos onto a DVD. At the very same time, you could also be downloading files onto your hard drive. It easy to ignore one task or more since most programs won’t bother to update you when a task is finished. This is where TellWhenDone comes in.

To use the program you have to first download it. Once you have it, initiate the program and have it run in the background. The program uses only 5mb of RAM which is not much. Proceed to start up the program you want to monitor and then press the TellWhenDone hotkey which is windows key + T. The Tell When Done program will start to monitor the CPU usage of the program. When the CPU usage for the program being monitored drops, this will be indicative of the completion of a task and the TellWhenDone program will give an audio alert. The TellWhenDone is therefore quite useful with programs which do not give finished alerts.

The one shortcoming of this program is that it’s not able to detect situations where the main program uses an affiliate process to carry out a task. TellWhenDone fails to watch the helper process. This causes the program to display the finished dialogue box immediately the main program becomes dormant. Despite this minor shortcoming; the TellWhenDone program is quite useful. You still however expect a few hick ups before getting used to the program.

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