You Can Now Use Feel The Wheel To Empower Your Mouse

Ever thought the mouse could be even more useful than it currently is? If not, then Feel the Wheel should really interest you. It is an application that gives more functionality to your mouse. It is a small portable tool that is actually just 4.5 kb and is available for Windows users. Being portable means you can carry it around with you in the flash disk that never leaves your side. It also means that you don’t have to install the program.

Feel the Wheel allows you to use your mouse to resize windows by use of the mouse wheel. It also allows you to adjust the transparency an open window. Feel the Wheel is available as a compressed zip file. By just typing the words ‘Feel the Wheel download’ into your browser you get a number of sites offering the application. Just be sure the site is safe and recognized. For instance CNET is one such site. Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip it with Winrar or any other compressing software. It would be wise to scan the file before unzipping it. Among the contents of the file will be an application named FeeWhee.exe. Double click on it and a high –pitched beep will confirm that the application if loaded.

To resize a window, all you would have to do is move the cursor over the windows tile bar. By rotating the wheel on your mouse the window should resize depending on the direction it rotate. Placing the cursor on any other part of the window will not have the same effect. To adjust the transparency of the window move the cursor over the title bar once more, left click on it and then rotate the mouse wheel. This should increase the transparency. You should however, be careful of reducing the transparency too much. Doing so and then loosing track of the position of the window will make it hard to access it. Once you are through using the Feel the Wheel application just double click on the executable once more and the application will unload from your system. Feel the Wheel is a simple application that’s fun to use.

Download Feel The Wheel

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