You Can Now Use The Imbatch To Process A Set Of Photos



Working on a two to four images using a photo editor to resize or tweak does not pose a problem and can even be enjoyable as you would be able to optimize each photo. However if you need to work on a large number of images of photos say 40 or more you, then this can become daunting task. This is where an application like ImBatch comes in handy. ImBatch has now been released and provide batch processing for a set of photos i.e. photos can be processed simultaneously.

ImBatch supports the common PNG, JPG, BMP and JPEG formats as well as other less common ones such as TIF, TGA, HDP and PSD. To start working with ImBatch, you simply drag and drop the images onto the open application. From a task list provided you then chose the operations that you need done. For instance you might need to resize, rotate, convert the images to another format or simply tweak the images which can include eliminating red-eye, introducing shadow or sharpening colors.

The major downside to ImBatch is the relative poor user interface. You might have to try out different buttons in your attempt to seek what you want. Even when you find it there is still the issue of low configurability of the tasks. However some basic tasks are fairly adequate. For instance when using the resize task, its possible to specify the image size in pixels, centimeters, inches and millimeters. It’s also possible to state what percentage of the original photo you intend to use. To chose between 16 EXIF and 15 IPTC tags you would need to click on the set tag. The convert colors option gives you the choice of converting your color format to 256 RGB scale, 32-bit colors 24-bit and black and white. Despite having mostly basic features ImBatch has the potential to offer more features in later versions.

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