Xara Web Designer MX 8 Premium Is Now Better With Focus Of Quality

Xara Web Designer MX 8

Xara Web Designer MX 8

Many people see What You See Is What You Get (WYSISWYG) web builders as being strictly for novices. This is because most of the applications are basic and limited in terms of customization options and quality of templates. This is not the case with Xara Web Designer MX 8 Premium.  The web design tool now has a great focus of quality. It offers professional multi-page templates into which various features can be embedded. These can include Google maps, contact forms, social networking features, YouTube videos and so much more. These enable the user to produce sites that will appeal to wide range of audiences.

With Xara, it is possible to create page and layer transition effects with the help of flash players. This is because the web design tool provides support for building flash animations as well as offering a wide array of other professional web presentation tools. 40 website templates are offered in the Designs Gallery each of which comes with inbuilt navigation. To select a desired website template you simply double click on it and it becomes available for editing.

To include your own text, you simply have to click a text are and start typing. You can also copy and paste text from a text editor. To insert images simply right click an image on a webpage and select replace. You can then insert a photo regardless of the file association. The program will automatically resize text area, repositioning objects to ensure a coherent page. The web design tool offers text style support which will help you to sett the styles to be used on all the pages of a site. If you want to add the sites interactivity, Xara offers widgets that introduce features such as slideshows, media players, Twitter and Facebook gadgets, RSS feeds and much more into your site. A widget that can generate QR codes is also part of the package. A chart widget enables you to create all manner of charts from pie charts, bar graphs to line chart. The features offered by Xara Web Designer MX 8 are truly impressive.

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