It Is Now Easy To Remove Programs Using Total Uninstall

Total Uninstall

Total Uninstall

Of the numerous programs removal software available in the market, few others remove programs the way Total Uninstall does.  This is especially the case with the release of version 6 of the application from Gavrila Martau.  It has now been released to make uninstalling easy.

The latest version of Total Uninstall uses one of two techniques to uninstall programs. The first involves analysis of all installed applications in order to build an installer log. The installer log of a particular program is then used to completely uninstall the application. The second technique involves the monitoring the installation process for program which enables Total Uninstall to register all changes made to the system. This allows the Total Uninstall to remove the program more effectively than the supplied uninstaller.

The Total Uninstall 6.0 promises a number of new features in its three modules in addition to the added support for 64 bit Windows platforms.  The latest version also guarantees to reduce is memory requirements as well as uninstalling programs more rapidly.  The 6.0 version also features a number of interface tweaks. The first of its three modules, the monitored programs module, now allows for the setup file of a program to be dragged and dropped onto the interface to initiate the monitoring process. The module also offers to scan for and detect all modified and deleted data alternate streams.

The installed program now features a drag and drop capability, which allows Total Uninstall to locate the parent program for an application that’s been dragged and dropped onto the interface. The module promises to provide a faster analysis as well as offering analysis of new system areas. Upon completion of an installed program analysis the program will provide an install history in addition to detecting and uninstalling corrupted applications. Last of all, the cleaner module now offers configurable cleaning profiles. It is possible to upgrade previous versions of Total Uninstall which come in two versions; Standard and Pro. There is also a 30 day trial version for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and server.

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