BitDefender Total Security 2013 Is Now Available With Better Interface

BitDefender Total Security 2013

The first open Total Security 2013 suite from Bitdefender has been released with better features. There are new innovative features and more editions in the security suite making it more powerful and beneficial.

There is the inclusion of Safe pay as an isolated browser using a virtual keyboard. Safe pay is a feature that will be able to automatically launch the moment you visit any sight that relates to money issues. When visiting a bank site for payment, it will launch in order to ensure you conduct safe transaction. This could not have come at a better time when the cases of online money fraud are on the increase. Bit defender also has the antitheft feature to locate your computer in case of theft. The only thing you will be required to do is to log into a web console and lock your stolen computer remotely. Alternatively, you can also opt to wipe out all the data it contains thereby making it useless for the other person to use it. You can also know the lcoatino of your stolen laptop because this feature will be able to display the whereabouts of the laptop on a map.

There is also the inclusion of the USB immunizer as a way of ensuring that your USB flash keys are as safe as possible from the auto run malware. Despite the fact that it has not yet been announced if it has been tested, the level of protection is rumored to be reliable. Bitdefender also has the Autopilot feature which ensures that there are no pop-ups and alerts to interrupt your work. In this way, your system is entirely manned in an automatic way. All these important applications are presented in a new interface that is not only user friendly but also safe for computer use. However, be cautioned that this application should not run concurrent with other security suites.

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