Emsisoft Launches Emergency Kit 2

Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft, a unit malware developer and vendor from Austria has announced the release of version 2 of its malware repair kit. Emsisoft Emergency Kit has been launched and promises to be the ultimate malware fighter for all computer users.

This version is better and much more reloaded because it provides a number of free tools that will enable users to not only detect malware but also remove it completely from an infected computer. In addition to these capabilities, the software also comes in handy with better scanning tools, these tools include GUI and a command line. The list of the tools in this antimalware software is almost endless. There is a manual investigation /removal tool and a Blitz bank feature which makes it possible for the user to delete files. The inclusion of registry entries also makes it possible to foil and deter malware. It is one of the rare opportunities users have to protect their PCs and have safe use of computers. The version 2 has adapted the use of a better scan engine similar to the Emsisoft anti malware 6, but with more capabilities and strength. According to reliable sources, the version promises to be 440% more reliable and speedy compared to the previous builds. There is also the provision of direct access to root kit detection/removal.

The new scan engine is arguably the best for users who want nothing to do with malware. With the dual scan engine framework, it is able to detect malware as quick as possible and eliminate it. The use of multiple processor cores enables it to have a better performance with improved scanning functionality. Root kit detection has always been an issue. In the version 2 of this anti malware software, there is a stronger direct disk scanning to make things easier. Moreover, the application has also been proved beyond reasonable doubt to have improved positive handling.

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