It Is Now Easy To Change Windows DNS Settings With The Release Of DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper
DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper

Changing of the computer’s DNS or Domain name Service setting is sometimes inevitable. Troubleshooting, performance and security are just but some of the reasons why one might want to do the changes. A better portable tool (DNS Jumper) has been released.

Changing of DNS settings can prove to be an uphill task because windows may not make it easy for you. DNS jumper is free and very profitable. It acts and makes things simple by providing a list of free Domain name service options. The only thing a user is required to do is to select one option and click apply. This is a simple procedure that will take effect immediately. There are also times when users are not sure of the DNS that is more suitable for them. In this case, there is the alternative of clicking ‘fastest DNS’ The tool will then test each service and recommend which is the most appropriate in terms of speed and compatibility. The user can then apply with a click. It is also possible to additional services or makes changes to the ones existing.

However, it has always been advisable to exercise a lot of caution when navigating around the DNS settings. Most of the professionals and software developers have hinted that it could be a dangerous affair. As such, it is good to have back up of file before playing around with these settings. DNS jumper helps out in this matter by providing an automatic back up for the original configuration. After running the settings, you only have to select restore on the service list and the entire configuration will be recovered. Ending up with faulty DNS settings has not been ruled out. Also, the entire process can lead to internet disconnection. As such, the procedure and the program itself is not meant for the networking novice. DNS jumper is ideal only if one knows how to configure and know the easier way to do it.

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