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It has always been known that windows search has had problems with speed up systems. This causes a lot of slowdowns on your search system. The windows search should always run when the PC is idle which is meant to reduce any disruptions. It is quite obvious that many people have been using the windows search tool but it is now time to try out the new ultrafilesearch lite. This program resembles the Windows Xp search but it has advanced features. For one, the UltraFileSearch is quite fast and simple to use. With this program, you will not be needed to use lengthy wordings to search files or documents. One can easily search files and documents by either size or even the file creation. One can also access the files by searching the last date of file modification.

The program further has the option of choosing files by typing specific wordings or phrases. This will definitely bring out the file or document that you are looking for in your PC. As much as this might have limitations like the fact the program works with raw version of the file. This means that some files might not be found if they are encoded in the file.

With this program, one can easily modify the searches in a variety of ways. A perfect example is whereby you are not necessarily needed to type the whole name in the search box. One can also use multiple search masks.

UltraFileSearch has the ability of scanning external or local files or even network drives with a lot of ease. This program works best on a PC which has an SSD installed. It might not offer optimum search with other computers. However, the bottom line is that UltraFileSearch offers an excellent search tool ever.

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