Version 6.1 Of SyncBack SE Is Launched With Amazing And Numerous Features


SyncBack SE

Version 6.1 SyncBack SE of this program has been released with better features than the previous versions. It is equipped with Russian translation capabilities, better email options and more updated fixes that promise to leave a formidable impact.

SyncBack SE is a very reliable back up tool. Among the few inclusions in the new version is the ability to view FTP. Apart from this, it is also possible to view email communication messages. Sometimes, the backups can include operations that are not useful to the user. This could be the creation of empty directories. However, with the new version of SyncBack SE, this should no longer be a problem. The program ensures that only the newest events start up when the user is viewing the application. Among the helpful updates that have been featured in this release include a better history grid and the possibility to start up with windows automatically without entering a password for the users who have already configured Synback. There are also times when users encounter problems or errors while creating remote back up using FTP. This program comes in handy by trying to establish the contact again.

The problem with copying open or locked files has been successfully addressed in this program. In addition to this, it is able to detect junction or mount points that are either disconnected or missing. In the event that the contents of a particular folder or file are completely wiped out because of a back up operation, a warning is signified. All these features indicate that this is a utility that you will defiantly want to try out. For a free trial version of the utility, all a user is required to do is visit SyncBackSE page on the review side and get to know the details then download the program.

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