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It is always important to install application updates on any PC as soon as they are available. This might become quite challenging especially when you fail to identify the presence of such files. It is important that there should be programs installed that will always bring out such update .some PC owners monitor such applications themselves. However, if you fail to get such an opportunity of monitoring such applications, you can always have a third party program that will monitor such applications. The portable and free AutoUp is great software used to monitor such application updates as they appear.

The AutoUp application allows you to update 68 applications. As much as this might not sound quite impressive, you will need to have it all the same as it contains the basic applications. Such applications include Adobe Air, flash reader foxit reader, KeePass, and chrome among others.

Launching this program will display all the supported programs that are available on your system as well as the very current version. Once you choose all the applications that need to be updated, you can click on scan and you will get updates as soon as possible on the applications that need to be updated. You can also choose on the updates that need to be installed, click on download and all the applications will be uploaded. It is worth noting that these will only consist of programs that the PC owner chooses to upload. AutoUP program has the ability of displaying all other supported applications. This gives you an opportunity of choosing on the specific applications that you need to update. This is quite important in improving the security of your PC. It is easy to follow all the instructions in the dialogue box. The rest will be a safe and great PC.

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