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It is quite difficult to keep track of what’s happening across networks however small the network can be. At times it could be a genuine software or hardware malfunction whereas it could at times prove to be your user’s misbehavior. Tackling such problems can be difficult but it is with noting that there is a solution. The Spiceworks is a great network auditing tool. This tool automatically scans all the systems in the computer. This in turn alerts users on basic proceedings of your computer. This tool is suitable for all users; be it home users or business owners. Spiceworks can be installed on your PC easily and within a short period of time. The tool will then create an account which then scans the whole computer. The scan will include the local setup which later on displays the results in a configurable browser-based interface. A detailed map will then come up to show all the networked systems. Such applications come with version numbers as well as license details.

Spiceworks carries out this scan every single day to ensure optimum performance. This produces a timeline showing the basic changes taking place in your PC. Such changes might include applications that have been added, new networks, hotfixes that have been installed among others. Other features that come with his software is the ability to detect any problems an alert you on such problems. Such outcomes will allow you to identify basic requirements like the antivirus or if the key server is offline. Other available updates that are shown are the printer status as well as the memory of the driver space and if your PC is simply running short of driver space.

The spiceworks dashboard further updates you on very important updates and what needs to be updated. Spiceworks is simply excellent software which is quite easy to use and come with all the above features. It will solve all your network inventory needs.

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