Reasons Why PrivaZer Is The Most Powerful Free Privacy Tools



PC privacy tools can be very disappointing especially if you are trying them out for the first time. This is simply because you have little or no experience at all on how such privacy tools operate. Most privacy tools will clear your temporary folders while clearing your cookies among other things; however, there is an excellent privacy tool which is now available free of charge.

PrivaZer is indeed the most powerful privacy tool that has ever been used before. Basically, this privacy tool is exceptional as it offers up-to-the-mark services compared to other privacy tools. The most interesting part of PrivaZer privacy tool is the fact that it offers an amazing startup. Most importantly, one can launch this tool directly from the installer without necessarily installing it a fresh. Launching the program from the installer further allows you to run it from a USB disk. This is ultimately interesting.

As soon as the program has been launched on your PC, you can scan the drives you feel need to be scanned. However, it is always important to run an in-depth scan on the system drive as this is the most crucial drive. This will take a short time of close to 2 minutes. As soon as the scan is complete, you will be in a position to identify 18 areas which will need your attention. All the 18 areas will have links which aid in providing additional information which are deemed to be useful. When it come to the registry section for instance, the PrivaZer looks into unused space while checking deleted keys. This privacy tool further offers an exceptional clean up system which cleans the whole system at the click of ‘clean’. This privacy tool is also thorough in its operation. Once you have used it for instance, you can easily identify changes even when it comes to your cookies and DOM storage among other things. As much as you could be satisfied with your current cleanup tool, it is high time you downloaded the PrivaZer privacy tool and experience total change.

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