Clean Up Spam With The MailWasher 2012 Free

MailWasher 2012

MailWasher 2012 Free is a product produced by FireTrust. Basically, it is a new version of the popular and widely used spam filter. This new release will contain each and every feature of the commercial MailWasher Pro edition .this will be operational within the first 10 days of its release into the market. After the 10 days, restrictions will be put into place which helps in ensuring that the software operates at its best. One of the restrictions put in place after the 10 days operation in the market will include the cancellation of the recycle bin. This means that users will not have the ability to browse and restore deleted items later on. This means that users will need to be extra careful on what they choose to delete. Previews will also be limited making it more complicated to identify the possibility of a particular message being a spam. Technical support is also purely kept for the purpose of paying customers. This program is also restricted to viewing 1 email address. MailWasher 2012 free is easy to install. All you have to do is to install the program and within no time it will import all email account details and outlook contacts automatically.

It is also a simple program to use and it also provides ultimate accuracy and privacy. It also ensures that your inbox is free from junk. This is definitely a great way to reducing junk and spam at the same time. Users need to identify with the above features make a conclusive decision on what they really want. If you feel that this is your best program, you need to install it on your PC as soon as possible. It is the best program to use since it does not require you to be an expert to understand how it works.

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