Windows Games Tweaker Is Now Available For Users Of Windows 7 Games

Windows Game Tweaker

There are many games offered on Windows 7. This is usually according to the standards of Microsoft. In order to get more than what the standard programs display, you can now use Windows Games Tweaker.

It is possible to have new cheats as well as interface tweaks. The tool makes it possible to set a particular game then watch it play itself as you wait for the next moves. The game tweaker makes it possible to rotate the board and watch different views of the game. It is no secret that setting up this kind of play can take a lot of time if the process is done manually. The best thing is to download the Windows Game Tweaker and make the games more enjoyable. It comes as a door2windows version. The good news is that there is no installation required because the program is highly portable. The only thing you will need to do is to download it and unzip then it will be easy to launch and use.

The operation of the program is not a difficult task. The first thing the user is required to do is to select the particular games where he or she will like to see the debug menu. After this, the user also has to restart the computer in order to see the changes if they have been effected. If you opt to turn on the Debug menu for a particular game, all the texts will be displayed in English. The language that was used in the installation of the windows will not be used. Nonetheless, users are advised to disable the menu later so as to restore the original language. The use of this program will obviously make you discover the available hidden options.  This is a very useful and important program that can benefit those who regularly use the Windows 7 games.

Download Windows Games Tweaker

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