Directory Monitor Is Released For Tracking File System


Tracking file system activity in the hard drive has now been made easy with the launch of Directory Monitor.

This program now makes it possible to know why the hard drive of your computer has been active more than you know. The system performance of the PC as well as the security will be easy to monitor. For instance, it will be easy to know the exact files that have been created, deleted or modified. The directory monitor is better than its predecessors because it features more simple tools that can be easily comprehended. The configuration options are simply overwhelming. The new tool can take files to a great level. Users are only required to point the program to the folder that they want to monitor. The Log panel will then begin to display all the files that have been deleted, modified or renamed. Directory monitor is simple to use and makes it easy to monitor the hard drive.

There are numerous logging options. For instance, you can have the monitor display different notifications to appear as files. All the events on the Log pane can also be displayed. Apart from the log being displayed and backed up to a file, it is also possible to export events in the format of an XML file. The number of useful settings is simply amazing. The only negative side of the Directory monitor is the fact that users will not be able to know the changes made across the system drive. There are also numerous problems regarding the interface. For instance, if the log window scrolls for a long time, it is not easy to regain control. One has to wait for the current activities to end. The stability of the program is also questionable. Nonetheless, there is greater compensation by the inclusion of the numerous configuration options. In general, you can describe the Directory Monitor as a capable tool with lots of configurable alternatives.

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