Mouse and Key Counter Is Released As A Simple Activity Monitor For Your PC


Mouse and Key Counter is a new tool that has been launched to make it easy for PC users to know if someone has been messing with their machines.

If someone has been accessing your PC recently and you want to know, the new tool will be useful. This will help if there is an intruder accessing you computer without your permission. Mouse and KeyCounter also makes it easy for you to fill in a time sheet. Mouse and Key Counter is a light weight tool that is able to let you reveal all the visits that have been made to your PC. After the launch of the tool, it will begin to count any presses that have been made to the keys as well as mouse movements. Mouse and Key Counter can track all the necessary details you want to know. You will be able to know the exact time when the typing was done. The only problem is that you will not be able to know what was entered. All in all, the tool is all you need to know the time that your system was in use.

Reviewing the details is also an easy task. All that you are required to do is to right click the stray icon of the system and you will be able to view a graph of the recent key presses. If you select history, you will also be able to find out the mouse movements and the previous captures. All these details are usually saved to help you with future reference. The program is helpful and acts as a PC monitoring tool. It is not in a position to take screen grabs or even be able to track the URLs that you visit. The main aim of the Mouse and Key Counter is to track down the general usage of the computer but it does not give specific details. The other advantage is the fact that it is lightweight taking only 2MB of your RAM. This is a simple activity monitor that will be a sensible choice for you.

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