Powerful Calculator OpalCalc Is Launched


OpalCalc has been introduced as a powerful calculator with better functionality. It is a simple calculator that does not feature intimidating and sophisticated features.

Most of the scientific calculators usually come with complicated functionality. These calculators usually feature complex functions which users will never find useful to them. OpalCalc has simple spreadsheet functionality. Even the people who fear mathematics will still find it accessible and easy to use. When the users open the program, there is a simple text interface where he or she is required to type in the equation. The equation is usually typed on the left side of the panel and the answer will be displayed no the right side. It is also easy to make any changes to the multiline interface because it is straightforward to reuse the previous equation. This is indeed a big gigantic and leap forward for people who fear mathematics. The introduction of the calculator is going to be better than a conventional desktop calculator. Entering a calculation is simple because the program helps you to analyze what you mean.

Above all, reading and writing is easy and simple.th first line can be used to add the figures and second one for percentage or the rates. OpalCalc has a lot of functions that cover areas such as statistics, trigonometry and easy solving of sums. Uses also enjoy the privileged of extending the functionality with their own variables and functions. The major drawback is the fact that the users will not be able to perfume any calculations in more than one line. This is the major potential problem that the calculator has. It is a clear indication that one will not be able to create lengthy spreadsheet. It is also cheap to upgrade and have better functions. One can have alto of work done using the OpalCalc. The suggested payment for home uses is cheap and affordable.

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