Automate Recurring Tasks With WinParrot


If you are tired of doing the same task again and again on your PC then try the all new WinParrot. WinParrot is a free to download application that keeps the record of your key press, cursor movement to identify the frequency for replay later. The tiny little program does not have complex work arrangement. It is easy to operate. All you need to do is download the file, unzip it and then run the setup file. Once the program gets installed, turn the application on by clicking on Record button. If you want to stop the replay then put an End to the operation.

After recording the usage of keypresses and cursor movement, the program, WinParrot will generate a macro. The macro is compatible with Excel program. In the table you will get all the information about tasks that you repeat frequently. If you click on the cells it will show you a screen rendering. Reviewing them you can easily grab them, drag them and drop them. This will make the program performance useful as you can set what you actually need.

Next the program uses a programming language to create loops of tasks. The creation of such loops can be conditional, variant and on test mode. Finally it is about debugging the tool. From command line you can automate it or schedule it.

Bringing them all together WinParrot stands out as an excellent tool in its no hassle, sleek and compact performance functions to automate your recurring tasks. Try the free to download program to simply organize your activity and to get better productivity.

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