Instant WordPress – Local Development And Testing Of Your Websites

Instant WordPress

If you are one of those money maker bloggers using WordPress for your activity then surely you have heard about the local installation. Local installation of WordPress is something an all set and easy to manage work platform for every one. But that ease of use does not come easily. You need to master the configuration for server, PHP and database and so on. This turns the work into a heck of load. But to your amazement a new program is available now. It is called the Instant WordPress. Instant WordPress is a complete set program that has everything you require to locally install the WordPress, try its themes test run, installing plugins and so on.

The Instant WordPress comes as a windows executable file in 54 MB size that you need to unpack in its folder and they will automatically get installed. Since you will be running the file in a specific folder, it will not get installed in other areas of your drive. Simply click on the InstantWP.exe file and it will render the WordPress Frontpage for you. And that’s all. You can try the admin console using ‘admin’ and ‘password’ user account combination. The bundled WordPress site will appear before you with fake comments or posts. The Instant WordPress will also give you quick access to the MySQL settings. Through which you can manage, edit, customize the plug ins, themes. The program has everything to complete an entire sites installation on your PC.  But it is actually a tool for testing and development.

Try the all new Instant WordPress as it can help you to sharpen you skills in website management and development. The program is good choice for developers and designers. What makes it a recommended choice for the developers is they can save time while using the program, concentrate more on making their work excellent and once developed they can simply transfer or upload it to go live and published. The idea behind Instant WordPress is really enticing and so is the program.

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