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LapLink PCmover

LapLink PCmover

The renounced PC application developer and publisher the LapLink Software has introduced a new tool for transferring applications, data, files and folders from one PC to another, called the PCmover. The PCmover from LapLink is to freeware. It has lots of similarities with its earlier versions. The new release is optimized to work as a simple wizard for migration across PCs. Starting from transfer, selection, packing and moving; everything you can do with the program across multiple computers. Though the program is a freeware but it does not come with any kind of performance limitations. It can transfer three applications at a time. In fact, to save time and to ensure better optimization the program has built in capabilities to only copy the system drive from a used and abused computer.

In many cases, we often allow different programs to run in overlaying manner. They have shared mechanism. If you delete program A then it can hamper the function of program B. Therefore, PCmover came to smoothen the transfer across PCs to PCs. You can set this preference settings on whether to copy the shared files or not. This is the case when you have programs lie Kaspersky, RealPlayer, ASK toolbar, MAGIX products etc. Many of the products from these publishers and developers share resources.

You can delete any program that you do not need any more. That part is hassle free with PCmover. But if you are not certain which programs to uninstall and delete from your computer they take the recommendation from PCmover. It will come up with 8 programs list that are ‘worthy’ for the delete.

PCmover makes thing easy to manage when you have lots of programs installed on your PC that required you to pay high amount of money and the installation CDs or their serial numbers or registration keys are no longer available with you. With the PCmover Free program you can easily transfer, migrate those applications without any hassle. The program makes the transition fun. Try LapLink’s PCmover Free.

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