Sound Lock For Peaceful MidNight Movie Watch

Sound Lock

Watching movies at late night can turn into a painful experience of home entertainment if you jump frequently off from your bed to control the volume. Controlling volume while watching movies at late night has became a serious challenge as movies have dialogs, action music and quieter scenes. If you do not manage the volume it will disturb others in your home and if you are watching the movie in a home theater system then you will probably get complain from your neighbors. What can you do to solve this problem permanently? Get Sound Lock.

Sound Lock is a single step program to manage your volume control according to your movie’s audio output. You need to set the volume level to its minimum that can reach your ear. You will find a system tray icon where you can set the maximum limit and turning the program on. The Sound Lock will then start monitoring the audio levels in your monitor and will continue guarding the louder moments of the soundtrack. The program will continue functioning automatically.

Some movies come with such soundtracks that often trigger extreme noise and then become silent. Sound Lock will be effective for them equally. The audio aspect of the movie will be completely controlled with Sound Lock. If you need to further adjust the Sound Lock settings, you can do it too. The Sound Lock is free to download and requires very less disk space. Have the Sound Lock for best movie viewing experience at late night.

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