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Type Light

Just to be very honest, I do not like the fonts I use in my write ups. Do you like your fonts? There are thousands of fonts available for download which are easy to install and come as free for use. Still, the choice of fonts remains a good question to answer.

If you too are not happy with your fonts then try the Type light. This great tool will give you the scope to modify any font you have stored in your PC. In fact with Type light you can make your own fonts. The program supports both the TrueType and OpenType fonts so anything you want to develop over Unicode you can do it easily. The program will allow you the set a core font, modify them with a drawing tool.

All you need to do is buy the Type Light program, click on its Font tab to go to Metrics section. Here you will find WinAscent, xHeight and WinDescent function. Once you set value for them you will be all done with your own modified font. For beginners this may sound confusing but the interface is designed as such that it will not take a novice, days to settle up with using the program.

Just in case the program starts giving you real headache then try its help file. Go by the user manual to gather your knowledge on using the program to generate new range of fonts. You will surely get more sense on how to draw lines or curves, why to create shapes, what are the adjusting points, what are contours and how to eliminate them etc. since using the tool will give you comprehensive knowledge on certain designing aspects, try the Type Light for new font creation or editing will be fun engagement. Try the Type light today.

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