Confidential Files Get Deep Security Camoflauge


With DeepSound adding an extra layer of security to your most confidential documents is easy. Think you cannot guard your computer all the time and in shared environment it is always difficult to guard the snoopers from invading in your resources tray. If you have any top secret document stored in your system, the con person can try to steal it easily. To avoid such unwanted and extreme situations there is no better alternatives to go on the extreme of guarding your own resources. DeepSound effectively comes into such situation.

The freeware has an extraordinary way of tagging security to your confidential documents, files and folders. Once you install it, the program will convert the file into an audio track. It will store the audio track into the music or FLAC files section of your PC. More interestingly, if a the snooper clicks on the file to open it, the program will run an audio track. Isn’t that interesting? A doc file get converted into a audio file and that will relay music!!

The DeepSound uses 256 bit encryption and works in a conceal and encode instruction. You will have to select the carrier audio track, then identify the document with the conceal button for encoding. That is all you have to do for protection. The converted file is transferable and distributable. To decode or to break the security arrangement the user has to know the password. Without the password there is no way to get the original secret document separated from the audio track.

The DeepSound is designed to be a sleek and elementary program. There is no complexity in operating it. Try the hassle free tool that is based on unique security idea for securing top secret and confidential documents, whether it is your personal or professional one.

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