Control Your Windows OS PC’s Shutdown, Restart Functions With ZebNet’s Shutdown Manager 2012

zebNet ShutDown Manager

Generally, all the windows OS variants came up with little control over their shutdown and restart function. As this is a major issue in work places, people get no chances in saving their time. They have to wait for the system to reboot after at least 45 seconds. As that OS from Microsoft keeps evolving, the control is becoming even harder and difficult for end users to put a hand on it. In fact, in the very latest Windows 8 series, you cannot even find the option in start menu. You have to dig it down in that charm bar.

Controlling the shutdown and restart function of any Windows OS computers have taken enough of users valuable time and patience. Now ZebNet came in aid of the OS users. ZebNet has introduced a new range of program that will extend your control over those features. ZebNet has introduced Shutdown Manager 2012. The ZebNet Shutdown Manager 2012 is completely unique and new product for anyone to try. It is compatible with any Windows OS versions. Whether you have Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8; the Shutdown Manager will continue managing each of them effectively. It works as a third party tool on your system that will add a red button on the system tray menu bars. If you click on the red button it will prompt for different commands like log off, restart, shutdown, hibernate etc. Right clicking on your desired command prompt will let the system go into that phase. For proper usage of the program, the publisher recommends its run while the machine is turned on. So, you can set it in your StartUp folder for automatic functioning.

Every time you press for a command the shutdown manager will require you to double click for execution. This means, Shutdown Manager has turned and pushed the shutdown function to two clicks away. If you have clicked once and then suddenly some use arises in your mind, you still have the option to cancel the command by declining it on your next press. The ZebNet Shutdown Manager 2012 works in simple process.

When you download the ZebNet Shutdown Manager 2012 freeware and set to run it, the program will create a toolbar as mentioned in above. This function is further customizable like you can set schedule for the shutdown, restart functions. The program is a tiny application that only works in such capacity. Have it to save your time.

Download ZebNet Shutdown Manager

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