Get The Fat Slacked From Your PC With SlimCleaner 4.0 From SlimWare Utilities


Without optimization running a PC for long can turn into your nightmare. Try the all new SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner. The 4.0 version is available as beta at the moment, which can offer you disk clean up, speeding up, as well as system optimization. The SlimCleaner 4.0 is crowd sourced and user generated program. Being an open source codes the SlimCleaner 4.0 is turning out to be a robust optimization tool. Remember the beta version is available for limited period therefore if you decide to try it you must do it now.

According to SlimWare Utilities the SlimCleaner 4.0 is going to be their most ambitious development project to go extensive in protection, optimization and to cover most comprehensively. Three major functionalities have received major revamp from the developers in defrag, updating and optimization. If it does not clean up your entire PC it will clean up the most. With trial usage of the program available in beta form, this is identical the SlimCleaner 4.0 is almost there to touch the expectation. Unlike many other products from SlimWare Utilities the SlimCleaner 4.0 comes with following core features:

The SlimCleaner 4.0 includes an intelligent defrag feature. This function allows the user to personalize their defragmentation settings based on their PC settings, personal preferences and hardware status. Most importantly, the setting the defrag functional will leave on your PC is determined by the program itself. So, there is a great way to have the PC defragged to get the system restored in its best capacity from the SlimCleaner 4.0 recommendation.

The SlimCleaner also includes an automatic software updating system. It will check for necessary software program updates and will get the latest definitions downloaded and installed on your PC.

The SlimCleaner comes with great optimization capabilities that work in an intelligent defragmentation way to organize files, folders in their logic base. This ensures speed, proper usage of space and minimizes system wearing. The function also makes great effort serializing the content.

The duplicate finder function of the SlimCleaner 4.0 gives user a quick yet comprehensive search engine facility that not only identifies duplicate content but also eliminates them instantly. This helps to get the clutter reduced over time and protects the system slowing. The finder wipes out duplicate file folder assessing their content to save space on the hard drive. Its result analysis window also provides handful information insight for the user so that if he decides he can go for manual modification.

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